Staging That Sells: 7 Tips For Staging A Home That's Hard To Sell


Are you trying to sell a home and it's just not working out?

You see the potential in the place but for some reason, buyers aren't. A professional cleaner came in and now it's spotless, so what else can you do?

The reason why this house isn't moving might have something to do with the staging.

Cleaning the house until it sparkles is only one step. After that, there are walls that need painting, fixtures that need replacing, and so much more. 

The truth is, buyers don't have much imagination. As the realtor, you can see what they can't. It's up to you to stage the house in a way that helps them picture what it would be like to live and thrive in that home.

If a house you're selling has been on the market for a while, you need to give it a mini-makeover. Read on for 7 tips for staging a home. 

1. It All Starts with Curb Appeal 

Every realtor has heard the importance of great curb appeal, and it's worth repeating. Impressing a potential buyer before they even get out of the car is crucial.

You want them to be excited to see the inside of the home, not coming in thinking this tour will be a waste of time. 

To assess the home's curb appeal, step outside and try to look at the home through the eyes of a buyer. 

Painting the door with a bright and inviting color can make the house pop. Make sure the lawn is freshly manicured. Add fresh flowers to window boxes and healthy shrubs to the ground around the mailbox. 

Speaking of mailboxes, is the current one old and rusty? Replace it! 

Even if the homeowner can't afford any major landscaping, a few minor touch-ups can really add up.

2. Don't Clean Clutter, Get Rid of it 

It's obvious that you don't want any clutter in a home you're trying to sell. But, if you just clean clutter, it has to be put away somewhere. Whether knick-knacks are displayed on a shelf or put away in boxes, they're still taking up space!

That's why you have to get rid of extra stuff, not just organized in the closet.

You want the home to look as big as possible. That includes the storage areas like closets and basements. 

The homeowners should get a storage unit and put as much of their things in it as possible. Have them pair down their stuff, including clothes, to the essentials. 

Not only will this make the place look bigger, but it will also be easier to keep the house clean between open houses and showings.  

3. Put a Room's Full Potential on Display

Many houses have strange, little rooms where the purpose of it is unclear. It's not quite a bedroom, but it's also not a closet. These rooms often turn into dead space or storage areas. 

Be sure to show the potential of what this room could be to someone. Put in a desk to feature it as an office. If the homeowners have children, put in a rocking chair and toys and call it a small playroom. 

Even the rooms with obvious functions still might not be staged to its full potential.  If the living room has an awkward shape, figure out a way to arrange it so it looks the most functional. Perhaps the kitchen has a great breakfast nook that the homeowners neglect. Dress it up so it looks like they use it and love it! 

4. Make the Home a Blank Slate

The house you're staging should be completely devoid of the homeowner's personality. 

That starts with putting photos in storage, but you can go even further than that. 

Does the master bedroom clearly look like it belongs to a woman? Take out the more feminine elements and make it look gender neutral. 

Maybe the homeowners have gregarious personalities and their paint color choices reflect that. Repaint those bright rooms with basic shades of white. 

The key is to make it as easy as possible for people to project their own lifestyle and personality onto the home. 

5. Get Rid of Smells

The homeowners are probably nose blind to any funky smells in the house. That's why it's up to you as an outsider to point out anything stinky so it can be fixed. 

A smelly house is a huge turn off to buyers. If they can smell the stench of cats or mold, they'll fear that it will be impossible to get rid of. 

That might mean getting the rug professionally cleaned or ripping up the rug altogether. Don't just light a scented candle and hope that takes care of it!

6. Breathe Life into Things You Can't Replace 

Many homeowners can't invest a big chunk of money into their house to get it to sell. But just because they can't spring for new cabinets or flooring, doesn't mean you can't breathe a little life into them.

The key is to make sure nothing looks totally outdated. A great way to make things look a little newer is with a simple coat of paint or stain. 

Restain the deck, paint the brown cabinets white, add some inexpensive drawer pulls. Again, sometimes doing a bunch of small things can add up to a better overall impression. 

7. Add the Finishing Touches 

Once all the big elements are taken care of, you can add the finishing touches. A vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table. Some new art to fill up a blank space on the wall. 

Though you don't want the home to look personal to the owners, you still want it to look someone lives there. 

Use These 7 Tips for Staging a Home Today!

Before another person comes to see the house, employ these 7 tips for staging a home. You'll be surprised what a few simple changes can do to make people see the place in a whole new light. 

Are you a real estate agent who's ready to shake things up and get the most out of your career? Then contact us today to learn how.