Real Estate Open House Ideas to Make It a Success


Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or you're new to the industry, you can always improve your open house game.

Try these real estate open house ideas:

2019 is slated to be a massive year for real estate transactions with a whopping 5.67 million existing homes projected to change hands.

What that means for real estate professionals like you is a massive opportunity to boost your revenue, extend your network, and further solidify your career.

Let's face it though, actually selling homes is a lot harder than reading projections. It may be a seller's market but finding the right buyer who is willing to get your client the price they're looking for... That can be a challenge.

One of the best ways to drum up buyer interest and increase your chances of making a sale is hosting an outstanding open house event. To help you step up your open house game, below, compare and learn about 7 real estate open house ideas that can make your event a hit.

1. Talk to Neighbors

One of the best markets to tap into when it comes to selling real estate is the people who live in your listing's community.


First, many people who have lived in the community for a long time probably like their area and have attachments to schools, work, etc. For that reason, they may be wanting to stick around but may also be eying an upgrade which could pique their interest in the property you're representing.

Second, a lot of people who love their community have friends and family members who want to move in. Because of that, if you advertise your listing to neighbors, those neighbors may advertise your listing to their personal networks.

When engaging neighbors for an open house, we recommend knocking on doors and inviting people personally to a "neighborhood-only" open house event. This event can take place the evening before your mass market open house.

Not only can this event serve as an excellent test run for you to work out open house kinks, but it can also serve as an awesome way to network with people who may want you to represent their homes in the future.

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2. Ditch The Alcohol

Free alcohol and open houses may seem mutually exclusive but truth be told, offering it provides little in the way of value to your event.

Unless you're dealing with high-rollers who expect to be treated to a high-end experience, all alcohol will do is drive up your event's budget and possibly make you liable for your guest's actions if they get too intoxicated.

Remember, it's better to have 10 people walk through your open house who are genuinely interested in your listing VS 100 people who just stop by for free drinks.

3. Live Stream Your Open House

Not everyone who is interested in your open house will be able to attend. To help people attend your open house without actually being there, we love any open house ideas that involve live streaming the event.

Live streams can take place on Periscope, Facebook, and/or your website.

Costs involved with live streaming can be 0 since all you need to live stream through social media platforms is an account and a mobile phone which makes this a free and effective way to extend your event's reach.

4. Don't Forget Low-Tech Touches

Yes, live stream your event, promote it to your email list, post about it on Instagram. No, don't do that and neglect low-tech touches.

While every real estate blog you read about open house ideas is going to tout the power of the internet (us included) few take the time to remind you that putting up those $5.00 "OPEN HOUSE" signs on the corners of streets can do wonders for foot traffic.

So get those signs set up. Put door hangers around the community.

Low-fi touches like that can seriously boost your event's attendance.

5. Offer Multiple Digital Staging Renderings

One of the top reasons why people pass on making offers on houses is because they can't see the potential of a space. The best way to allow them to see what you see is to render your vision in reality.

To do that, have multiple digital renderings of different furniture layouts set on an easel in each room of your home. Also, include those digital renderings in a follow-up email or on printouts you offer at your event.

By providing renderings to clients, you'll increase your number of interested buyers big-time.

6. Don't Forget The Essentials

Real estate agents can get so caught up in clever open house marketing ideas that they forget to provide prospects with the essentials.

For us, essentials include a packet that includes a home's floor plan, renderings of digital stagings, information about the HOA (if applicable), a list of frequently asked questions, your asking price, and contact information.

Armed with that packet, your prospects will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to engage further.

7. Time Your Open House Strategically

Everyone does the 1-3 pm weekend open house. To counteract, try 4-6 pm or 3-5 pm.

During the week, schedule your open houses keeping in mind that most people are at work. Try for a 6:30 - 8 pm event and offer snacks.

You'll find that a lot of professional, qualified buyers will appreciate you working with their schedule.

Wrapping Up Open House Ideas That Will Help Make Your Event a Success

From timing your event correctly to valuing your listing's neighbors, there is no shortage of small details you can tackle to boost the success of your open house dramatically.

We hope that you'll leverage as many of our open house ideas as possible and that they help you secure your next big sale!

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