7 Essential Tips for Selling Waterfront Property


Looking to sell waterfront property real estate or hoping to do so in the near future? Selling waterfront property is not easy because of the simple technicalities of living right next to a water body. Here are 7 of the best tips real estate agents should look out for on how to sell waterfront property.

1. Understanding Your Prospective Customers

It is important for any real estate agent to have a full understanding of the target market. It is therefore up to the seller to know who a prospective buyer is and why they would be particularly interested in purchasing waterfront property. This information will help the agent in marketing the waterfront real estate to an audience more inclined to buy.

2. Familiarize Oneself with the Waterfront Property

Due to the complex nature of waterfront properties, it is important that real estate agents know the interior aspects of the property as well as the exterior as far as amenities such as gyms, malls, and market centers. Knowledge of the area by the agent will prove key in persuading the buyer to make a purchase.

3. Capitalize on the Visibility of the Waterfront

Most people interested in buying waterfront property are motivated by the view of the water body. Before the prospective buyers visit the property it is crucial to make sure that the bushes and trees are trimmed well so as to not obstruct the view of the water. In a landlocked home, the inside of the house is important whereas, for a waterfront property, it is the outdoor area towards the water where a potential buyer can make the final buying decision.

4. Make Sure the Water Body Is Clean and Accessible

Most people looking for waterfront properties are doing so largely due to the presence of a water body. However, it will be a major turnoff for a buyer to spend money on the waterfront if the water body is unclean or inaccessible due to untrimmed reeds, bushes or water hyacinth.

5. Market Using High-Quality Pictures and Videos

Presentation is everything in the real estate industry. The best real estate agents will hire a photographer to take good pictures and videos of the property to showcase to prospective buyers especially those who are on the internet space. Some agents will go the extra mile of staging the property with outdoor furniture in the photos so the potential buyer can picture themselves relaxing by the shoreline.

6. Construct or Repair the Dock

The presence of a dock is a big selling point to any waterfront property. Any prospective buyer would like to see the dock and if the dock is hardly accessible, run down or is not there, then there are high chances that the buyer will pass on the property. An unsafe or dirty dock should not be the reason a buyer chooses not to purchase the property.

7. Price The Property Rightly

The correct pricing will dictate whether the property is sold or not and for how long it will take on the market. Factors that play a part in pricing include location, available amenities and whether it is a beach real estate or a lake real estate. Understanding pricing will work in good favor for real estate agents as far as sales are concerned.

Selling Waterfront Property

As a real estate agent, selling waterfront property real estate involves selling both the land the house is on, as well as the water. Therefore, selling waterfront property can prove to be a bit complex compared to the usual selling of a residential real estate in a suburban community. Check out our blog for more waterfront property tips and much more in the real estate sector.