11 Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Open House

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Open Houses can be an exciting time during the home selling process, as they are a great chance to make a good first impression. Because first impressions stick, you will want to make sure every aspect of your home is in top shape before your next open house. And what aspect is better to improve on than your curb appeal.

Curb appeal is some of the most magic concepts in real estate, but that's because of its proven record. Curb appeal can go a long way in selling and buying a home, so it's something that you should definitely take advantage of. 

Here are 11 curb appeal ideas that will help your home go from "for sale" to "sold".

1. Front Porches Are Back

That's right, front porch areas are back and here to stay. Many buyers are now very keen of looking for a house with a nice front porch area that is perfect for activities. If you have the space for it, convert the front of your house to an active, livable space.

This transformation is quite simple. Some outdoor sofas and a nice glass table can go a long way in convincing potential buyers to make an offer.

2. Take Care of that Lawn

The quality of the lawn is a very telling aspect of home value. If you can put the effort in to taking care of the lawn, or maybe even giving it a facelift, make sure to do so. A healthy, bright lawn will improve your chances of selling.

When caring for your lawn, also make sure you get rid of any unwanted weeds or other negative looks, such as dead plants.

3. Make Over the Garage

The plain old white garages of the early 2000s are now very out of style. What buyers really want are unique garage ideas that make it look like anything but a garage. If you can find wood-colored paint or even different garage materials, definitely go for it. (Related: Check Out Our Competitive Commission Split Plans for Agents)

4. Work the Walkway

The walkway should be a primary area of focus when hosting an open house. Make sure to pressure clean it, get rid of all trash, and take care of the gardening around it. A nice walkway will put potential buyers in a promising, curious mood when entering your home.

5. Front Door Fashion

Studies have recently shown that your door may increase the value of your home by as much as $8,000! This is an encouraging sign that if you can, definitely try to upgrade your door. Simple tasks like adding color or replacing your old door can go a long way in cases like these.

6. Plant Shrubs and Flowers

Having either flowers or shrubs on your curb is important, but having both maximizes curb appeal. Shrubbery is key because it is year-round and adds significant volume to the green space. It is not overwhelming and can be a welcome addition anywhere.

Flowers, on the other hand, are seasonal and add color. Try to find flowers that are in-season during your open house so that your gardening truly stands out. Focus on welcoming, exciting colors for your guests.

7. Add Outdoor Lighting

There are many reasons why potential buyers value outdoor lighting. For starters, it is a sign of safety in a home. It also will illuminate the beautiful curb out front and will provide a welcoming presence at night.

If you don't already, look to install outdoor lighting that is bright and welcoming. If you can, upgrade it so that it makes the front of the house visible even at night, regardless of when you're hosting your open house.

8. Add Some Uniqueness

There's very little chance that your home will be the only one that potential buyers will visit. For that reason, getting your home to stand out is even more important. There are actually some great ways to use your curb to stand out.

Adding some interesting pieces, such as a pond or a waterfall, can go a long way in making your home stick in buyers' minds. You may also want to focus on adding beautiful features to your front door or window in order to stand out from other homes.

9. Update the Little Things

Little changes can go a long way in real estate, so this is what you should look to do. One change you can make is improving and updating the hardware, such as the house number and the mailbox.

Finding a consistent theme for these items can be a great way to convince buyers to buy, and is a relatively inexpensive task. This is one of those curb appeal ideas you can implement in a day!

10. Replace Gutters

If your home is older, your gutters are probably rusty and worn out. This not only ages your house to buyers, but it also worries them about the potential of these gutters giving out. While it may be an investment, replacing gutters can be key.

There are ways to make new gutters work out in your favor. You can try to coordinate the color of the gutters with your home or look to use a unique material, such as copper.

11. Fix the Roof

Roofs are a major point of concern for many home buyers, so you should look to dispel these worries before they even ask. By fixing up your roof, you can ensure that any thoughts of roof replacement are out of the potential buyers' heads.

Roof repair can vary from replacing a few shingles to even installing new fencing for chimneys. Regardless of what it is, a new looking roof adds great value to a house and will be worth the investment.

The Benefits of These Improving Your Home Curb Appeal

Some of these curb appeal ideas can be done quickly and at a low cost, while others represent more of an investment. All of them, though, are guaranteed to bring value back to your house by improving the first impression you make during your open house.

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