Not All 100% Commission Brokerages Are The Same


You may think every one of the 100% commission real estate offices are all equivalent. Indeed, they're definitely not.

Today, various 100% commission brokerages have risen, some are great, some are definitely not. The 100% commission real estate incline is currently settled, even numerous expansive endeavors have been seen offering 100% commission structures.

But are they all the same?

Not so! For Realtors considering which brokerage to work with, it's vital to comprehend that not every 100% commission real estate brokers are the same – truth be told, they can be altogether very different.

In actuality, the 100 percent commission model is an alluring alternative for clear budgetary reasons. Culture, benefit, no hidden charges, and much more should be elements to consider when looking into 100% commission real estate businesses. Here are some of the key elements to consider:

Cost of E&O Insurance

A real estate agent should know whether their brokerage holds E&O Insurance and the Insurance cost to the agent. Numerous representatives are "Self Insured" or have the "Arrangement with it as it occurs" approach. The primary issue is E&O Insurance is an essential need in this industry. On the off chance that your broker will make you pay for any segment of this cost, it ought to be unveiled to you in advance.

Transaction Coordinators

Transaction Coordinators are basic to any Realtor thinking about connection with a 100% commission real estate brokerage. A legitimate broker will have a preferred, or In-House Transaction Coordinator.

Active Growth

Not all 100% real estate brokerages are equivalent, many brokerages sit stagnant with the same website and logo design from 1980. Ashby & Graff is different. We maintain active growth and renewal and ensure our agents a positive experience. There’s a reason why so many experienced agents join us each month to enjoy our 100% commission real estate splits.

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