5 Reasons to Join a 100% Commission Brokerage


There are many advantages to keeping 100% commission vs sharing 25%, 30% or even 40%! We’re going to discuss some of those advantages so you can decide for yourself if joining a 100% commission real estate company is right for you!

1. You Share Zero Split With Your Broker

So this one is a no-brainer. Obviously a top reason to join a 100% commission real estate shop is so that you can reap 100% of the rewards from your hard work during a transaction. It just makes sense! We offer 100% commission real estate plans for agents of all backgrounds, check them out and consider joining today.

2. You’re The Boss

While you still have a broker-in-charge, you are really the true decider of your business’ future. The sky is the limit with 100% commission splits. You can use that extra income like a true entrepreneur and invest it back into your business, enabling momentum and growth.

3. Get Paid At Close of Escrow

Nobody like waiting to get paid. So at our 100% commission real estate company, we guarantee you get paid at close of escrow as long as you have submitted a completed file electronically prior to close.

4. Unlimited Support

Just because you’re getting great commission splits and we operate as a virtual real estate brokerage, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect to receive top notch broker support when you need it. After all, if it helps you, it helps us!

5. Grow Your Own Brand

As mentioned previously, if you reinvest your extra income back into your business, you can truly grow your own brand. We empower our agents to grow their business endlessly. And we offer you the same support you would expect at a traditional brokerage. So stop promoting your current broker and start promoting your own brand!

Convinced? Ready to start keeping 100% commission splits? Click here to join now and get started. Most agents are approved and ready to go within minutes with our unique, online approval process.