6 Tips to Pass Your Real Estate Exam The First Time

Everyone learns and studies differently, so modify the tips below as you see fit. Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused.

  1. Stop reading stories on the internet where people talk about failing one or more times. This does nothing for your mind and confidence. Quiet honestly it’s a wast of time.

  2. Use a few resources. Too many resources will overwhelm you and prevent you from focusing. We strongly recommend Real Estate Express for real estate exam prep.

  3. Obtain an outline of the test content. This document will tell you what you will be tested on and how many questions from each section will be on the test. Use the outline (from your state) as an additional study aide.

  4. Pay attention in class. You teacher will share stories and examples that help you remember important information.

  5. Read the books and create an outline. By writing the outline you will focus on key information and it will help you retain the information for test day.

  6. Complete all practice questions, quizzes & tests (don’t write in the book) more than once. If you have access to an online question bank, use it!!! The more questions you do the stronger you will become.

BONUS TIPS (For When You Have To Guess)

Regardless of how thoroughly you prepare, there will be some questions on the Real Estate Exam that you don't know the answer to and can't make an educated guess. Follow these rules to increase your odds of guessing correctly:

  1. If two of the test answer options are opposites, choose one of those two.

  2. If two of the four test answers are almost identical, choose the longer one.

  3. Pay attention to words like ALWAYS and NEVER. Few things in life are "always" or "never." Be suspicious of these answers.

  4. The word "except" can turn a exam question around. When you see this word in either the question or one or more of the answers, make a mental note of it.

  5. General terms such as "most," "some," and "usually" are more likely to be found in a correct answer.

  6. Distrust exaggerated or complex exam answers.

  7. If you've never heard of it before, don't select it.

  8. Answer every question, even if you're guessing. Unanswered questions are marked wrong. There is no penalty for guessing.

John Graff