10 Golden Pieces of Advice That Every New Real Estate Agent Should Know

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Starting a new career as a real estate agent?

It can be exciting and it can lead to great financial success. Even median-earning agents earn at least $44,090 per year. With the right strategy, you can go far above this line and earn more.

But how do you get to be that successful? Fortunately, we've got a list of great new real estate agent tips for you to check out. The tips below will help you get a firm holding of your career and hopefully avoid stumbling into financial trouble:

1. Don't Sell; Educate

One of the most important new realtor tips to follow is to not sell. Yes, you read that right. Don't focus on "hard-selling" property to your clients.

Instead, focus on educating them. Explain why this property might benefit them or why its features meet their demands. Focus on showcasing the strengths of the property and educate them about its features or how it could help them in the long run.

2. Find a Mentor, Listen to New Real Estate Agent Tips

Don't go into this industry blind, fresh out of school or a workshop. Take time to seek someone who has their foot in the business and learn from them. Approach someone with experience and get firsthand real estate agent advice.

Remember that you won't learn everything from school or online. A mentor can help you develop the right communication skills and techniques when it comes to communicating with different kinds of clients. They can show you how to deal with people difficult to talk to or folks who can be rude and aggressive.

3. Technology Advances, So Should You

Listing is one of the dominant things any real estate agent should have. Some people say you won't sell if you don't list. That said, a listing isn't the only tool at your disposal.

Technology continues to move at a rapid pace and now Virtual Reality (VR) is at a point where you can use it as a viable tool. Got a client who wants to explore a property but lives too far away? You can use VR technology to let them "walk through" the place.

VR isn't the only new technology to use. Augmented Reality (AR) continues to advance and smartphones keep updating each year to introduce new ways you can present properties to clients.

4. Have Multiple Options at the Ready

Does a client want a small bungalow by the beach? Make sure you have more than two options for them to look at. 

The problem with having only one option is that the client may not like it. Even if it is - by all definition - the ideal property, there may be something the client won't find to their liking. It's better to have something else in the pocket in case this happens.

Your client will appreciate it too because now they can take the time to weigh the pros and cons of your offers. Having options is better than getting railroaded down a linear path.

5. Look for Direct Solutions

If you go around online for new real estate agent tips, one of the most common things you'll read is that you should never beat around the bush. Don't try to oversell a property when the client clearly doesn't like what's in front of them.

Does the client want a garage?

Go for the direct solution and only offer properties with garages. Don't try to shove a property without a garage and oversell the other great things about it. The client won't pay attention to all those great factors if they still don't get what they asked for.

6. Plan a Long-Term Budget

Realtors and agents often look glamorous in movies and television shows. Don't buy into this because, in reality, there may be long stretches before you sell a property. That could mean months of no commissions. 

Avoid falling into a rut by planning a long-term budget. Make sure to include all your basic needs and bills. You also have to include your expenses to maintain your business.

This includes budgeting the amount you'll spend to keep your website live and travel fees to take clients around. 

7. Build a Sphere of Influence

Never try to be a lone wolf. Even if you don't work for a large agency, it's always a good idea to build some influence by connecting with other folks in the industry. The most successful real estate agents work together.

Befriend other realtors and agents. One of their clients might want something specific, a type of house they can't provide. Instead of simply letting the client go, they'll refer you instead since you're a member of their social group.

Take time to befriend web developers, carpenters, and roofing repairmen. They can all refer each other's clients to you. Your client will also see how wide your influence grows, enhancing your reputation.

8. Stay Active

Another important tip for real estate agent is to stay on the radar.

Whether you stick solely online or if you do things in an old-fashioned way, you have to remain active. Even if there are weeks or months without a sell, you have to keep inviting clients and show them around. Always post new things on your site or grow your listing.

Staying active ensures you're always on other people's radar. When people are in need of an agent, there'll be a higher chance of them discovering your name and your services. 

This is especially crucial for online agents. Updating your site with blog posts and new listings ensure your business remains visible on Google search. SEO is an important part of the business and staying active helps boost your online chances.

9. Budget a Website and Run With It

Yes, we did mention you can stay old-fashioned with the way you run your real estate business. That said, using a website is a more logical strategy in today's modern world where more than 4.2 billion people access the Internet.

You can start off with a professional WordPress or Wix website but don't settle for the basic designs. Shell out some cash and design it to look professional and SEO-ready. You may have to spend to include high-end plugins and tools too.

10. Maintain Communication

Whatever happens, keep communication lines open. There's nothing worse than a client feeling frustrated because they can't call you or message you online. 

Give the client assurance that you'll keep them updated at all times. Make them feel secure by giving them multiple ways of contacting you. Let them know when you're available so they don't waste time calling you during your off hours.

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