Agent Referral Program

What if you could earn thousands of dollars in referral fee commission – just by talking to your friends? It’s that easy with our Agent Referral Program.

Find a friend. Refer them to Ashby & Graff® Real Estate and then watch your passive income pour in! 

If that friend joins Ashby & Graff Real Estate and makes sales, you can earn the equivalent of 1% of the recruited Sales Associate’s Gross Commission Income per year on transactions that close during the one-year period following the recruited Sales Associate’s date of association. Then, beginning the second year, you’ll earn equal to .05% of the recruited Sales Associate’s Gross Commission Income on all closed deals, as long as you both remain associated with Ashby & Graff.

Add a passive income stream to your real estate business by recruiting friends and family to join Ashby & Graff. Earn enough money to supplement your usual commission income or even enough to retire early and enjoy the good life!

Try our easy to use referral fee calculator to see exactly how much you could earn by referring your friends and family who are licensed real estate agents to join Ashby & Graff. The more people you refer, the more money you make. It’s that simple.

Need some ideas on how to generate more real estate agent referrals? Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Reach out to colleagues from previous real estate offices or companies.

  2. Talk about Ashby & Graff Real Estate to agents you meet at open houses or broker opens.

  3. Do you know anyone getting their real estate license? They’ll probably be looking for a brokerage to join.

  4. Send out an email to family and friends - maybe your cousin is newly licensed and wants more information about our firm.

  5. Did you hear about real estate company being bought out or closing down? If you know someone affected, they might be looking for a new employing broker.

  6. Are you a member of your local association of Realtors or other community organization like Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club? These can be great ways to meet other agents or people who know other agents and just might be interested in what Ashby & Graff Real Estate has to offer.

  7. Add a signature line to your email account encouraging interested agents to contact you to discuss opportunities.

  8. Did you have a great transaction with another agent representing the other side? Recommend them to Ashby & Graff! You know how much we love a rockstar agent!

  9. Include a line on your business card about the great work opportunities at Ashby & Graff and how agents can join.

  10. Go forth and do good. Your very presence and work ethic will encourage others to follow your lead!